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Miss Kittin

本名、Caroline Herve。フランス、グルノーヴル生まれ。

「狂気」と「自由」を謳歌するレイヴ狂いの青春時代を過ごした後、伝説のデビュー作「1982」をジゴロからリリース。2年後にはウェストバムがラヴパレードでこの曲をラストにプレイした。ジュネーヴのレーベル、メンタル・グルーヴでの日々を経て、Felix da Housecatと共に制作した“Silver Screen Shower Scene”が大ヒット。フランクフルトのSven Vathのクラブ“COCOON”ではリッチー・ホーティンやリカルド・ヴィラロボスと共にレジデントを務める。

ソロアルバム『I COM』で披露されるそのパンキッシュかつアンニュイな歌声で、エレクトロ・リヴァイバルの旗手として有名な彼女ではあるが、実はDJが彼女のメイン活動である。桜の刺青で一杯の右腕でミニマルやディープ、アシッド、デトロイトなどのタイトなテクノをジャンルに限定されない音楽とミックスし、そこにマイクで自分の歌声をミックスさせる…。

2006年に入り『LIVE AT SÓNAR』、『A Bugged Out』とたて続けて2枚のミックスアルバムを世界リリース。またボム・ザ・ベース、カイリー・ミノーグなどを手掛けてきたパスカル・ガブリエルをプロデューサーに起用した4年ぶりの新作『BAT BOX』をリリースした。

Grenoble born Caroline Hervé, aka Miss Kittin,

has in recent years established herself as one of the most inspiring DJs and voices to emerge within the electronic music scene. Her vocal collaborations have produced seminal moments of dancefloor heaven. Her tracks with longstanding production partner The Hacker, such as “Frank Sinatra” and “1982″, propelled them both into the spotlight whilst further collaborations with Felix Da Housecat, “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)”, Golden Boy “Rippin Kittin”, Sven Väth “Je T’aime” and T.Raumschmiere “The Game Is Not Over” have confirmed Miss Kittin’s star billing status.

She released her debut solo artist album “I Com” in 2004, that showed her spreading her wings with jacking Chicago house, distorted punk attitude, skanked-up dub and electronic pop as the singles Professional Distortion, Requiem For A Hit and Happy Violentine aptly displayed.
The heavily-accented deadpan delivery over techno beats that established her notoriety on previous recordings has been unseated by a desire to sing, to scream, to rap and to croon, all of which she manages to do with ample helpings of sly wit and wordplay and a musical landscape that incorporates both brazen beats and intoxicating atmospherics.

However for all her releases and collaborations Kittin’s first and main love remains DJing. From starting out in 1994 Kittin’s name first appeared on a flyer in the chill-out room for a rave in an old military fort in the mountains. From there on Kittin hasn’t looked back. From playing harder edged techno, rave classics, Chicago, acid and Detroit techno Kittin has progressed into more leftfield, electro and electronic realms. Able to play Prince with Black Dog or Aphex Twin with a new Kompakt 12″ she has an uncanny and intuitive sense of selection that not only flows but also maintains that primary sense of the party. Anyone who has seen Kittin dancing behind the decks or grabbing the microphone mid-set will understand only too well that she is also a clubber at heart. As Kittin says, “I love playing records, it’s probably the best thing I know to do in life. I do it because it’s big fun and it makes me free.”

Currently based in Paris, Kittin just released her second solo artist album and is rightly placed as one of the most revered and recognizable artists in dance music today. As for the future? It’s looking purr-fect.

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